Werewolf dream suit

This blog is to document my work on my Dream werewolf suit, from my first mask to my current progress.

I have always had a fascination for werewolves and in watching many movies as well as admiring other cosplayers and their beautiful fursuits,...i had a dream to build my dream werewolf suit.

and i hope one day to have a movie quality suit. but as you will see it started out with a simple paper mache wolf mask to my current full hotglued fursuit.

I plan to remake my body suit again by sewing it and adding some sort of cooling system and digitigrade stilt legs.

year after year i fix problems and find others , it is a continuous work in progress.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Miss Monster Werewolf Half mask arrived !

I was happy to find my mask arrived today!

the mask is a tad small, but i think if i heat it up a little, i can reshape it to fit my face better

other than that i love it! i cannot wait to wear it this halloween!

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