Werewolf dream suit

This blog is to document my work on my Dream werewolf suit, from my first mask to my current progress.

I have always had a fascination for werewolves and in watching many movies as well as admiring other cosplayers and their beautiful fursuits,...i had a dream to build my dream werewolf suit.

and i hope one day to have a movie quality suit. but as you will see it started out with a simple paper mache wolf mask to my current full hotglued fursuit.

I plan to remake my body suit again by sewing it and adding some sort of cooling system and digitigrade stilt legs.

year after year i fix problems and find others , it is a continuous work in progress.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Miss Monster Werewolf Half mask arrived !

I was happy to find my mask arrived today!

the mask is a tad small, but i think if i heat it up a little, i can reshape it to fit my face better

other than that i love it! i cannot wait to wear it this halloween!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Werewolf Collection To Date

So i decided to share my Collection of Wolf/Werewolf stuff.

I take pride in my collection and always hope to aquire more when and if possible!

I find it a Challenge and a game to aquire wereolf stuff in particular. I Have to give a Little Thanks to TWILIGHT for making werewolf stuff available. and Underworld for makeing thiem cool again! ^___^

Jasmine decided to "HELP"

so here goes! I'll start with my  Figures/Toys:


Current Wolfman

So AWESOME! i was glad to get one.

i still need to find the medallion replica

Classic Wolfman

I Had been looking for one of these for a Long time

Wolf's Rain Chibi Wolf Plush that came with my DVD set as well as a cd

I FINALLY have all three Clawdeen Wolf Dolls

that is till they come out with the next ones

Wolf/Werewolf Accessories & Jewelry:

Werewolf Red Wine i was Lucky enough to get for $2.00 after Halloween on sale

Pretty Tasty but i'm not a big fan of red wine

mini werewolf busts i got at Target year before last. i plann on making them into book ends

Werewolf Mug i almost thought i missed out on! Lucky Me! thanks to my friend Sumo for spotting it!

Miss Monster Werewolf Patch

i plan to sew it on one of my new Hoodies

Large Werewolf Bust i got along with the mini ones at Target

the eyes glow. i altered it to make it look better and use my taxedermy eyes


dad found this stashed away and gave it to me

i love dreamcatchers

i found a Clawdeen cellphone charm at walmart

it matched my new cover perfectly

my Wolf dagger Cane i got from BUDK catalog

the wolf head twists to pop out a dagger!

my Wolf sword i also got from BUDK catalog

this one had a lot of beautiful embelishments

my fleece wolf throw

Fumi is seen here modeling how soft and cozy it is

as shown in my previous post, my MissMonster wolf half mask i'm still eagerly awaiting

i also have a wolf brass buckle but i cannot find it >__<

My Wolf/Werewolf Jewelry:

My Wolf  Torc

i hope to get a matching bracelet one day

brass wolf coin medallion

clay native american wolf whistle

wolf dog tag

OMG yes a Twilight necklace

i hate twilight but love this design

another werewolf dogtag

Vial of real wolf bone dust i got from Zhon

the first rubber bracelet says "Runs With Wolves"

& the second one says "i <3 Werewolves"

how could i NOT get these large gawdy earrings? they are what i am

my beloved wolf ring, i have yet to find another as pretty

Real Wolf Stuff:

Before ANYONE gets upset, i aquired them legally!
i met a wonderful taxedermist online ; ZHON
She states clearly where and how everything comes from
and as far as i'm concerned is the only person
i feel safe getting my furstuffs from.
 since i know they were not poached.
Most of her animals are aquired by legal hunters that didn't want parts
 and she's given them so they don't go to waste;
or they were found already dead by natural death

My Two Timberwolf Tails, a Hind Paw, Omega wolf Skull,Vial of wolf bone dust, and Wolf knuckle bones

Omega Wolf Skull

such a beautiful thing in death i can only imagine how beautiful it was in life

this is my Prized Treasure

i keep it in a wooden chest next to my wolf books


lucked out finding this one at the Dollar Store!

This was the only one i could find from the current wolfman movie,
  i really wanted one with his body silloietted in the woods

but you take what you can get

Wolf/Werewolf T-shirts etc:

My Folks got me this for christmas last year

again, i hate twilight but like this wolf pack design

it's purple & its Wolves!

proceeds from buying this shirt went to the wolves!

i think this was a true blood shirt?

of course i had to buy this and wear it to see the movie!

i loved walmarts generic twilight shirts

i have to say this is probably my favorite t-shirt

i need to get a bumper sticker that says this

who wouldn't choose the fluffies over droolies!?

says "I Like My WEREWOLVES Hot!"

i figured i'd add Princess Mononoke shirt here,
cuz i mean she was a girl raised by talking wolves!
thats technically werewolfish right?

wolf's rain t-shirt thats too small for me,
i plan to make the image a patch
i can put on a shirt that will fit me

yea i am


this i found at walmart this past halloween

Miss monster werewolf shirt! yay!

By Goldenwolf!

Pretteh white wolves!

My Wolf/Werewolf Books:

My wolf/werewolf book nook
the chest besides it is where i keep my wolf skull

My newest books
from Edward Litchfield & Sumo ^__^

got this when i was little, has a lot of info for such a small book

this one was an interesting read and had pretty neat visuals

it's done like it was a found illustrated journal
of a young girl caught up in werewolf affairs

much information ^___^

I came across this book by Linda Godfrey 
i started reading it and it was such a good book

it's a collection of real life accounts of werewolf sightings
she has a lot of insights on real possibilities
of what people are seeing and
also lots of neat theories people have

i then realized this was Book TWO of her werewolf books

so then i had to order the FIRSTone as seen next:

also a very good read! i Highly reccomend her books!

this was just too funny to pass up

this one had neat pictures as well as information and a sound cd!

again too funny to pass up

i refer to this book a lot

got this one on sale, have yet to read it

this one includes postcards, its also where i got my wolf dogtag

my most recent wolf book purchase, very thick and full of lovely images

I am currently trying to get a copy of the FIRST werewolf book i ever read; The Blooding
i read this book at the LIBRARY about 20 years ago

my mother checked it out for me to encourage me to read more LOL

i hope to be able to enjoy and probably understand it more now that i'm an adult

and Lastly My Movie Collection:

i finally got the whole collection of Wolf's Rain

i came across this on Cartoon Network years ago

I have to say it's a neat concept be it very SAD

but all in all it was a beautiful series

Let me start with THIS:

i don't know WHY i still have this,...maybe cuz it was so ...horrible?

lets just say the werewolf in this was a guy in a REALLY REALLY BAD werewolf suit

it literally looked like an alligator mated with a wolf

the head was horrendous!

The Costume wasn't the ONLY thing wrong with this movie
the acting was terrible, the dialog was terrible,
of course there was a gratuitous nude scene for no reason
other than a bunch of pot heads decided to go for a swim together,
...and the ending was dumb

such a terrible waste of $8.00 LOL 

and it was the SECOND worst werewolf movie i had ever seen/ Purchased,... the first was BIG BAD WOLF

Big Bad Wolf Trailer

lets just say i was highly dissapointed in this movie,
..the werewolf looked cool,...BUT the movie TO ME was essentually a PORN

the first mebbeh tem minutes of the movie had teens bangin each other
 then the werewolf rapes the girl porn movie style,..and then  i thought "okay every bad horror
 movie has to have a sex scene in it, and usually thats it and on with the killing"
i fast forward....then towards the end of the movie the werewolf ,
 in human form, gets his sons girlfriend to give him a blow job!
 i was fed up at this point,..and fast forwarded it to see how it ended,
..and even the ending sucked.......no pun  intended

i traded it in for some games, unfortunately i paid $20 for it and got like $6 credit for it AUGH

This movie i had to order after i read a review about it,
 and then sumo told me it was a good one

i was very grossed out by the transformations 
but totally loved every bit of the entire movie

such an awesome take on the red riding hood story

also loved that they actually put in there that
werewolves have a uni-brow when in human form

total WIN

i liked this movie the werewolves were cool
( even tho they turned into real wolves ...which is still cool) 
and the romance story was awesome too

i liked how it concentrated on the Pack nature
of werewolves even in their human lives

not a solid werewolf movie,
but the guy turns into one in it and that was enough for me

and it had two hawt leads so of course i liked it

this movie i discovered while working at a video store

it's a french movie
the dubbed version is actually well done

i THOUGHT it was a werewolf movie,
..well technically it IS, it's about the Beast of GĂ©vaudan

but OOOH it was MUCH MUCH MORE!!!



yea i know it's Dracula,..but he did Turn into a werewolf in a scene didn't he?!

not a bad movie, was a neat concept

and SHE-WOLVES are always a rare sight

i hated that the evil werewolf looked like a fru fru dog tho,
 she was a bit...unmeanacing to me

another HAPPY find again around the time
 i found the brotherhood of the wolf movie

the werewolves in this movie ROCKED Major ASS!!!

i'm trying to make my suit like the ones in this movie

this was actually an introduction for me into the Ginger snaps series

all in all i may have to get a copy of the others, but i like this one the best

very gothic- its period set

not a wereolf movie,
 but the handsome knight is cursed to become a wolf ,
so as far as i'm concerned, he's a werewolf

i fell in love with this beautiful romance story

this movie made me laugh so hard because of my hatred of Twilight

unfortunately twilight still draws me in to rent them ,  
BECAUSE it has werewolves in it
be it dire wolves they become

i just love parody movies when they are done right

curiosity got me on this one,...i felt the movie was cashing in on the
Whole GOONIES vibe, but it wasn't too bad

the werewolf actually looked really good


haven't seen this movie in a long time
so i can't give a review just yet

this movie was a pleasant suprise

i actually liked the idea of the story

the wereolves looked pretty cool actually

this movie was another shot in the dark,
 i took another risk of getting a crappy movie,...
thankfully it wasn't Terrible,..but it wasn't great either

the werewolves were decent tho,..the plot was pradictable

i was soooooo EXCITED when this movie came out

and was VERY Happy with it

first of all i LOVED that in the age of CG monsters,
they chose to use special effects makeup
for the wolf man

i liked thaat they set it in a period setting

and how could i NOT own a perfect collection of all the classics!?

this was another shot in the dark, but THIS one was well worth it

great werewolf and great story

very dark and sad

this was a movie i had been curious about
and for my birthday last year sumo got it for me

this movie was almost a dark  comedy almost

but it had badass she-wolves in it!

van helsing was not only JUST a great movie

but it had awesome werewolves in it

AH the Underwold series

LOVE is all i can say

teen wolf was cool ,...teen wolf two TERRIBLE

Wolf was just too damn cool in my book

i'm sure there's a few things i missed,

but i'm sure i'll end up making a second part to this anyways
 when i get more stuff and find some i forgot to add